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Landscape Services, Oshkosh, WI Everyone desires to have a beautiful landscape. At Ground Effects of Wisconsin, we believe that everyone deserves an elegant and well-designed landscape. It should match our client’s lifestyle, personal preferences, and the building’s architecture. However, there is more to a landscape than its beauty. It must be functional as well. It also needs features that protect it against water flow. Here are there features and services that allow us to enhance your landscape’s beauty, functionality, and protection.

Retaining Walls

The installation of retaining walls to minimize soil erosion and control surface runoff is a common decision. However, these beautiful block walls can also be installed solely for their aesthetic aspects. We design and build custom retaining walls providing the ideal combination of functionality and aesthetics. Whatever your goals and your landscape’s needs, our retaining walls are built to last.

Any stonework or brickwork construction requires advanced planning and precision craftsmanship. We are different from other companies in Oshkosh in that we exceed both requirements. Our experienced, certified, and well-trained team ensures that every project is completed on time, within budget, and exceeding client expectations.

Some of the key features of our retaining wall design and construction services are as follows:

  • We provide high-quality retaining wall installation services for both residential and commercial properties in Oshkosh
  • We use high-quality materials, from reputed brands, all capable of withstanding the harshest weather conditions.
  • All our stonework is backed by warranties.
  • Our professional installation services eliminate any risk of collapse or sliding over time.

We specialize in working with a versatile range of concrete retaining wall blocks from Belgard that can complement any landscape, architecture, or outdoor features.


A healthy and beautiful lawn can mean a lot to you and your landscape. It can control soil erosion, improve water, and air quality, enhances your landscape’s beauty and your property’s value, and fosters soil health. When installing a lawn, it is important to ensure that you are choosing high-quality grass. It must also be installed properly. The turf must be healthy and show even growth across the required space.

At Ground Effects of Wisconsin, we provide high-quality and custom hydro-seeding services to help achieve these goals. The use of the right seeds, hydro-seeding methods, and equipment help us deliver beautiful lawns that can thrive even with basic maintenance. We will customize your hydro-seed mix to create the specific lawn texture type that you desire.

We specialize in creating turfs that are resilient, beautiful, and sustainable. Overall, our services are affordable, and the lawn will be easy and cost-effective to maintain.

Erosion Control

Our erosion control services help prevent water from accumulating on your lawn. We specialize in providing a wide range of erosion control solutions, depending on the kind of challenge your landscape is facing. Some of the common solutions that we provide include the following:

  • Turbidity Barriers, Silt Curtain, and Silt Barrier: These solutions help contain and control the scattering of turbidity and silt in water bodies related to site work, marine construction, pile driving, and dredging.
  • Geotextile Products: We can use these products for different applications including drainage, soil reinforcement, separation, and filtration.
  • Landscape Fabrics: We can use landscape fabrics in different types of landscape design and applications.
  • Geogrids: These erosion control solutions are used for reinforcing walls and slopes.

We can also install a Silt Fence to protect water quality around construction sites.

At Ground Effects of Wisconsin, we provide complete landscaping solutions including new hydro-seeding, erosion control, irrigation solutions, pavers, retaining walls, outdoor lighting, water features, and installation of outdoor living areas. There is no project that is too big or too small for us and we serve both residential and commercial properties in the Greater Wisconsin area. Feel free to call us at 920 233-9180 for a free consultation or estimate or fill this Online Form with your project requirements for a free estimate.
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